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【MIYABI (Miyabi) course】 120 minutes with unlimited drinks (Lo 90 minutes) 4500 yen !! + 500 yen for premium all-you-can-drink ◎

【MIYABI (Miyabi) course】 120 minutes with unlimited drinks (Lo 90 minutes) 4500 yen !! + 500 yen for premium all-you-can-drink ◎

By using a coupon4500 yen

Only course meal is 3000 yen.You can change the premium all you can drink at + 500 yen.

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    All you can drink menu 120 minutes (OS 90 minutes)

Low temperature roast beef of Kuroge Wagyu beef to a fresh fish carpaccio.Gratin made from seasonal ingredients using special Bechamel sauce.Dessert is a dessert made by authentic pastry chefs at the patisserie's studio.It is a delicious course from beginning to end!

Course menu

<Course content>

· Fall fresh fish carpaccio

· Hiroshima-made oysters burned with incense bread crumbs

· Creampie gratin of Shunbun

· Kuroge Wagyu Low Temperature Roast Bee with Horseradish Horseradish

· Naples cloth rich mochi Margherita

· Pumpkin and Onion's Kuzumu Pumpkin Potage

· Truly cod and shallow bean steamed grated sauce onion sauce

· Butter rice with bacon and tree child Ragu sauce of black beef tenderloin mince

· Specialty Petit Gateau

※ Course dishes are only 3000 yen.

※ All you can drink in 120 minutes (Order stop in 90 minutes).You can premium all-you-can-eat at + 500 yen.※ The contents are subject to change abruptly without notice by purchasing such as market conditions.Please note.※ Please do not hesitate to consult about allergies and likes and dislikes.※ The time of your seat will be 2 hour system.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Perfect Evis / Super Dry / Drive Rack
· Extra Cold / Extra Cold Drive Rack / Heineken Extra Cold / Edel Pils
· Red tempura neiryo / white isne / sangria red · white / sparkling wine
· ★ wine
· Red Cabernet Sauvignon Yellow / Red Sangiovese / White Trebiano / White Chardonnay
· ★ Whiskey
· Dewars / Maker's Mark / Jack Daniel / Canadian Club / Suntory Square Vase
· Others
· Japanese sake / sweet shochu / wheat shochu / Akegoshi plum wine
Um plum wine
· Norikosho also liquor / Akegoshi orange sake
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Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

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